Kala: Confluence of Art 

Jan-April 2024

Welcome to the IAAA's Inaugural Group Exhibition

IAAA embodies the essence of what America represents—a melting pot of diverse cultures. Originating from various regions of India, each one with its distinct cultures, languages, cuisines, and heritage, we now proudly consider the United States, the "land of the free," our home. Our art beautifully captures the unity and diversity inherent in our backgrounds. This exhibition symbolizes the finest aspects of both worlds that coexist within us.

IAAA Founding Members: Sujata Tibrewala, Abhishek Nigam, and Biplab Chattopadhyay

Exhibition Committee: Abhishek Nigam, Amita Bhakta, Biplab Chattopadhyay, Neha Luhar-Trice, Nikkita Bhakta, Purvi Shroff, Salma Arastu, Sidharth Thakur, Sujata Tibrewala, and Usha Shukla

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Abhishek Nigam

Abhishek Nigam is a Dad, Technologist and an artist based in San Ramon, California. The paintings in this exhibition are inspired by the interplay of light and shadow on subjects, with the goal of shining a light on the life of children that need to work for a living for themselves or their families.

Amita Bhakta

I live in a town in Alabama where the Indian community is limited and how do I explain to my local community the mindset of Indian Americans and showcase best of India has to offer. There I was invited for exhibition on India by our local art museum.    I found my answers in Sanskrit text from Veda, Upanishad, Ramayana, Mahabharata, also in the literature.  So, I created body of work taking inspirational lines from our scriptures and literature of Kalidas  on to my canvases and with stoneware clay created few sculptures. 

"Divinity Within

-Inspired by Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, found in Yajur Ved, "अहं ब्रह्मास्मि"

"I am Brahman".  If we can have realization that we are one with Brahman (Supreme Reality), then there is no otherness.  If, I realize that you and I are part of Brahman, how can we hate or destroy each other?  I am destroying myself when I attack the others.  If we exist with this awareness within us, we can bring peace on this earth. 

"Circle of Love"

...तदार्य कलुषा बुद्धिः जायते शस्त्र सेवनात् |

Weapon admiring mind becomes maligned with avariciousness and becomes weapons. Valmiki Ramayan.[3-9-28]

This was said 5000 years ago and still holds true.  With dangerous weapons such as guns we must have physiological training with it and responsible laws against it.  To stop senseless shooting as it happened in Newtown at Sandy Brooks Elementary School, and keep on happening.  Here I have carved all that was left behind on the children such as their family, friends, pets, music, sports, school, even their dreams and left it all in grey tone to indicate that the color went with those 20 children who were the victims.  Six adults who perished have super hero emblem on their back.  Mounted them on the slice of a tree to signify that life still has to go on.



Anjali Shroff

My name is Anjali Shroff, and I’m an artist based in Cary, North Carolina. Born in India, I started my early art career there. I have been drawing since I can remember. My father has been my mentor, my support, and my guidance throughout my journey as an artist. 

I earned a degree as a Commercial Artist; teaching art to others is my area of passion. Through my move from India to the United States in the late 90s, I continued to practice art. To bring my passion to the next level, I started my art studio in 2008: Discovery Art Studio. I love to share my knowledge and expertise with students of all ages and backgrounds. I am skilled with a variety of mediums: including oil, acrylics, watercolor, oil pastels, and pencil colors. My art is a reflection of my inner world, my experiences, and how they work to inspire me. Drawing inspiration from the beauty and complexities of everyday life, I explore themes of identity, culture, and faith.  

Additionally, both my artwork as well my students' projects have been featured across the state and nationally in art shows and competitions. Many of my students have also been awarded for winning competitions. I encourage my students to use art as a means of self-expression of their identities, values, and future hopes, as well as a means to share a message with the world.

You can find me on social media at the following links:

discoveryartstudio@yahoo.com | (919) 819-8087 

Follow me: Instagram | Facebook

Instagram: @anjalisvision, @discoveryartstudio 

Facebook: Discovery Art Studio 

Artwork Titles:

The title “Millions of Mirrors" beautifully captures the reflection of countless joys experienced during the creation of this artwork.

2. Title: "Energy of Universe" - Gouache paints

This mandala represents the energy of the universe, with the following representations:

Lotus - Lord Vishnu

Face - Devi 

Trishul - Shiva’s protection

Aum - Peace

Moon - Beauty

Sun - Power

Fish - Life

Water - Motion

Air - Prana

Arvind Vanmali

I am a visual artist of Indian descent born in Panama with an early education in Mumbai.

I began honing my craft while in India while attending boarding school. I was the recipient three years in a row for submitting the best artwork in school and placed second in an all-India free hand drawing competition.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology in Panama and a master’s in Clinical microbiology in Philadelphia.

I use acrylics and mixed media. I seek to share my art and inspire viewers to reexamine their perspectives of life and strive to become better humans.


Website: www.Tezkaart.com 

Instagram: @arvindvanmaliart.tezkaart

For print orders contact me at

Email: tezkaart@gmail.com 

Phone:t 4045100918.

Title: lost in thought

24x30 mixed

Media limited edition prints on canvas


Title: the humble soul

24x30 acrylic limited edition prints on canvas


Biplab Chattopadhyay

Biplab Chattopadhyay is an artist based in the Bay Area, San Francisco.  He is an engineer by profession, though his passion lies in various forms of art, especially mixed media paintings.  Hailing from the Bengal region of India where art is generationally interwoven into most people's lives, Biplab picked up brush and canvas as his artistic expression fairly early in life.  However, it was not until inspired by his beautiful wife Saswati Das, who is a fantastic poetess herself, and friend Sujata Tibrewala, herself a renowned painter, that Biplab picked art as an inseparable part of his life.  To keep up with the busy schedule of his life for now Biplab does most of his work in Charcoal and graphite.  Biplab's work can be classified into two categories - Portraits, and art deeply rooted in his social and political views.  One of the works is titled Pride.  This symbolizes a society reeling with sectarianism and other diseases trying its best to appear healthy.  The other work titled Portrait In the Sun, is a charcoal and graphite portrait of Biplab's own father wearing a leather jacket in winter sun.   Along with his own art, Biplab is also passionate about building the Indian artists community in the USA.  As one of the co-founders of the IAAA organization Biplab is determined to help develop the Indian American artists community and further its causes.  


Instagram: @biplab_crec

For print orders contact me at

Email: biplab@gmail.com


Title: Pride

Medium: Charcoal and graphite

Title: Portrait in the sun

Medium: Charcoal and graphite

Deepti Saraswat

I have been keenly interested and involved with my artistic side ever since a young age though I took up art as a career in 2020. I was always creating and enjoying art as a hobby all through my work career in Finance as well. Art has always been something which has always attracted me, I find it very relaxing and therapeutic. The beautiful forms and colors whether it is landscapes, florals or just  just black and white I love to experiment and delight in its creation. Its immense capability to transport the artist  and the viewer into a beautiful place through various colors and compositions is what motivates me to create. Another objective in all my paintings is to, bring happiness and admiration to whoever views it. Growing up in India and having been exposed to different, varied art forms from different states has also been a motivation to adopt those styles of painting and bring some innovation to them.  

In my artistic journey I did not want to restrict myself in the use of various mediums. Though I gravitate towards watercolors. 

I have loved to create florals, landscapes, birds inspired by my own photographs taken from my garden or various garden shows, and travel to different places. Have also created ethnic art originating in India in the various tribal groups 

I feel art is such an inherent form of human expression.  As an artist it is incredibly fulfilling to be able to bring my minds vision to life in the form of a painting.

Dipti Irla

My abstract collages, playful and at times calming, are my way of sharing the beauty in simple things in nature and the culture around us that often go unnoticed. As another way of turning the mundane into something beautiful, I reuse and upcycle junk mail and old paper.

The interplay of simple shapes, dots, and lines in my artwork creates a whimsical look. 

I love arranging colors and textures to create a lively movement across the piece. Be it the pops of color or a gradient effect, it guides the viewer’s eyes to experience a joyous moment and creates a sense of wonder in their minds.

Creating art has always been a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for me since childhood and I came back to it during my post-partum and pandemic for the same reasons. These feelings often show up in the pieces I create. 

Dipti Irla

Artist, Owner

Dee Aai Studio

Geeta Dave

I was born and grew up in India, where I absorbed the artistic traditions of my native country at the side of my father. Inspired by my heritage and the natural beauty of India, I always paint symbols with a full range of narrative expressions from the world of nature. I enjoy working on large projects with passion, intense colors, and swirling forms to reveal the hidden beauty and the sacredness of all life. Specially, love to paint the magical beauty of birds in my art.  

I strongly believe in the power of balance in nature. Every being has a voice and true meaning on this earth. Recently, in my paintings, I have worked with two different forms of nature that symbolize an inner strength and motivating force in life. I have been advocating saving our nature, and I characterize it as a woman reflecting on my life journey.  I am symbolizing Prakriti as a woman. Because of Sanskrit roots, Prakriti refers to the feminine aspect of all life forms, and more specifically a woman is seen as a symbol of Prakriti.-Nature.

Geeta Dave 




Ketaki Adi

Originally from Pune, I now live in San Jose, Pune’s sister city.

As an engineer turned full-time artist, my creative journey spans a diverse array of art media; my current favorite is painting with alcohol inks. I used to be a cautious, rule-bound artist, but the free spirit of alcohol inks has completely changed my perspective. These inks have become my muse, allowing me to express myself wholly. I let the inks guide me, embracing their unpredictability, in creating mystical artwork.

In my artistic process, I often confluence the vibrant free flows of the ink with structured and disciplined layers of other paint media to craft dynamic artwork.

I encourage viewers to immerse themselves in these art pieces, make personal observations, and discover intricate details.


Secrets Below the Surface -2022

Harmonizing the chaos within -2023

Neha Luhar-Trice

For years I’ve saved various papers – anything from Xeroxes of my hands, my mom’s bhindi packaging to discarded books. I now believe that I knew back then that one day I would be able to make sense of that which I could not be parted with.  There is something really challenging and cathartic about cutting, tearing, and fitting disparate elements into a cohesive composition. Exploring the two-dimensional picture plane using some familiar elements mixed with some new ones.  

There is transformative power when we cast light upon our physical bodies – or into the darker thoughts we keep private. Instinctually, we hunger for an opening of our minds; growth that expands the tight, clustered musings of our inner thoughts into an outward flowering of productivity. We are all part of a fertile, regenerative natural world which is also dying with every breath it takes. In my work, I strive to pictorially demonstrate these concepts, while reminding myself of the other options available when feeling hopeless in the face of today’s disconnected world. Contemplating a blade of grass or gazing into the deep, feminine wilds of the forest helps me reconnect with my inner voice. I’m attempting to remind the viewer of things I consider essential to a more satisfying existence in our brief time on this planet.  

Website: https://www.nehaluharart.com 

Image 1: Her Inflorescence, 17" x 21"(framed), Mixed media, $350

Image 2: Every Drop Counts, 16" x 20"(framed), Mixed media, $285

Nikitha Yelchuru

In a world teeming with patterns, where chaos and structure intermingle, my dual passion as an engineer and artist is ignited. Fascinated by the harmony that emerges from shapes and colors, I found my medium of expression in the ancient art of quilling. Through Paper Sweetly, born in 2016, I embarked on a creative journey that began with paper jewelry and expanded to encompass a diverse range of art forms, from earrings and necklaces to wall art and sculptures.

Within the confines of my San Jose home studio, I immerse myself in the process of translating my perceptions, moods, and glimpses of inspiration into tangible creations. With each sketch, color selection, and delicate curling of paper, I witness the transformation of intangible ideas into exquisite reality. The entire journey, from inception to completion, fills me with an overwhelming sense of joy and relief from stress.

In every step of my creative process, I strive to evoke joy. From meticulously choosing colors and patterns to actively embracing the use of recycled paper, my intention is to spread this powerful emotion to all who encounter my art. Joy becomes the bridge that connects my creations with the world, transcending the boundaries of perception and fostering a shared experience.

As I continue to explore the mesmerizing realm of quilling, I remain dedicated to capturing the essence of harmony, both within and outside of me. Through art, I hope to ignite sparks of joy, inviting others to see the world through a kaleidoscope of patterns, colors, and boundless inspiration.

Nikitha Yelchuru


Artwork Description

Symphony of Infinite Hues: A Soulful Journey:

A vibrant, captivating mandala, "Symphony of Infinite Hues," harmoniously blends colors, inviting you on an enchanting journey through beauty and unity.

Year: 2023

Size: 16 x 20 inches

Frame Color: Transparent

Price: $3400

Gilded Harmony: Embracing the Duality Within:

This art balances strength and vulnerability: one half, a bold cascade in gold symbolizes resilience; the other, delicate flowers representing beauty in vulnerability, showcasing the harmony of duality within.

Year: 2022

Size: 16 x 20 inches

Frame Color: White

Price: $3400

Nikkita Bhakta

I am a conceptual photographer/artist. My interest is primarily in the possibilities of the imagination by exploring relationships between humans and nature, incorporating philosophic ideas, and capturing landscapes in both the tangible and intangible mind. Through my work I aim to create a gratifying and refreshing experience by stimulating contemplation and a bit of escapism in a viewer. I like to think of my photography layered with puzzle pieces, each to provide a glimpse of a world that is inviting and free to inhabit. I enjoy the juxtaposition of metaphors, fused with abstract imagery, resulting in work that is simultaneously deliberate and vague. I like to create each piece visually strong enough to stand on its own while also cohesive in a greater body of work.

A viewer may eventually find that my photography at times illicit current social and environmental issues, and it reveals how I see the world around me - an interconnected place, constantly shifting between the familiar and unfamiliar...the light, the dark, and spaces in-between.

1. Brahm Fire

2. Nuclear Eclipse

Purvi Shroff

Title - Sat Chit Anand

Mixed Media

Giclee prints are available in any size

Sat - Chit -  Anand (Truth - consciousness - Bliss)  - This is a representation of ancient mythical Vedic scriptures and wisdom and words with a backdrop of rich elegant and royal gilded trellis decor. The combination of grunge color palette in this painting reminds opulent heritage of India. Lady in a prayer pose with saffron colors is a symbol of sanctity, spirituality and divineness of  India The Incredible County!

Title - JOY

Mixed Media on Gallery wrapped canvas

Colorful Outpouring of joy that is freshening as well as exhilarating. This work is meant to energize while keeping calm.

Size - 20 x 20 inches

Price - $370

Studio : Design Runway

Contact : (513)720-0815

Email : purviashroff@yahoo.com

Website - https://www.artbypurvi.com 

Instagram - @ designrunwaypurvi

Facebook - @PurviatDesignRunway

Salma Arastu

The Story of Mycelium-

Art was always in my life; Right from the beginning, I was searching for total connection. Looking back, I realize that I found the building block of my practice – the ‘lyrical line’--and it also found me. Through it –as it takes shape, moves in the world, connects, gains energy–my path has become clearer, both on the canvas and in my life. My hand is guided by divine powers, with energy moving from the heart to hand to canvas. The line has guided me along a four decade-plus artistic path and leads me into the future.

My most recent exploration looks at mycelia, the great coordinating, underground connection system in forests. Mycelia is my new muse! And for the first time I am adding scientific investigation and research to a project that includes my usual spiritual inquiry and spontaneous explorations of form.

I am finding deep satisfaction and once again, my lyrical line is joining the dynamic, filamentous fungi energy through my series “Mycelial Flow.”

For this project I am discovering and playing with new methods and materials. In an effort to avoid plastics-based materials such as acrylic, I am creating my own rust by soaking steel wool in vinegar for a few days then treating it to paper for a ‘natural’ orange hue.  And I’m using Hanji, a Korean 3-ply paper (30x60).  This is a new material and sizing for my work. I use charcoal, jute twine, pastels and glaze seals and finally mount on the Burlap and the paintings hang like tapestries.

We_The Multitudes

Art was always in my life; right from the beginning, during undergrad in Fine Arts, despite some advice to adopt more realistic figures, I worked more intently with lyrical lines and entangled forms. In my search to find my identity, after arriving in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in 1986, the new paintings that started emerging on my canvases were “Myth and Mystery Series”. These revealed my continuous lyrical line and entangled forms on the canvas and ended up bringing out the mysteries buried under my subconscious mind.

I am happy and surprised to see these abstract forms are returning to my canvas as The Tiny Creatures series where I visualize microbes as an integral part to our ecosystem. In my search to find hope and the possibility to regenerate and rejuvenate our planet and plant life I have found the invisible tiny Microbes are an integral and essential part of our web of life. I feel Intrigued and inspired by their story and have created a body of work to draw attention to them. 

I use acrylic glazes and pen & ink drawings, to create a visual language for the intricate relationship between creatures swarming on my canvases in chaos like compositions. These paintings are imaginative and are created with Art was always in my life; right from the beginning, during undergrad in Fine Arts, despite some advice to adopt more realistic figures, I worked more intently with lyrical lines and entangled forms. In my search to find my identity, after arriving in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in 1986, the new paintings that started emerging on my canvases were “Myth and Mystery Series”. These revealed my continuous lyrical line and entangled forms on the canvas and ended up bringing out the mysteries buried under my subconscious mind.

I am happy and surprised to see these abstract forms are returning to my canvas as The Tiny Creatures series where I visualize microbes as an integral part to our ecosystem. In my search to find hope and the possibility to regenerate and rejuvenate our planet and plant life I have found the invisible tiny Microbes are an integral and essential part of our web of life. I feel Intrigued and inspired by their story and have created a body of work to draw attention to them. 

I use acrylic glazes and pen & ink drawings, to create a visual language for the intricate relationship between creatures swarming on my canvases in chaos like compositions. These paintings are imaginative and are created with a light color palette and vigorous movements to show the speed at which these move and bring changes in the environment. I use several layers of pen & Ink drawings and this acrylic painting to present microbes in multitudes.light color palette and vigorous movements to show the speed at which these move and bring changes in the environment. I use several layers of pen & Ink drawings and this acrylic painting to present microbes in multitudes.



Saloni Parekh

My work is based on nonsensical protopian fiction that explores the concept of god, challenging religious rigidity. I address inconsistencies in religions that create separation in our society, but I also find immense satisfaction in discovering the consistencies as I unfold each page.

I delve into the depths of Hindu tradition, viewing it as a manifestation of sound, space, imagination, and philosophy. My work involves rhetorical persuasion techniques such as repetition, interactive installations, symbolic narratives, and different media such as video, print, sound, and sculpture. I make an opportunity for performance and interaction with the viewers with and around my work. The sounds and imageries I produce are my interpretations of something unseen, higher, and profound. Yet, at the same time, I also feel that this is already there around us, something simple and accessible. It requires me to deeply listen to my body, mind, temples, idols, and India.

While I am not entirely convinced that the traditional concept of god holds the answer, I will continue my quest through religion, art, science, philosophy, and other disciplines to dissolve the boundaries shaped by our faiths.

Artwork 1 title: God is sound , wood and speaker, 60x26x26 inches, 2023

Artwork 2 title: God book , acrylic on muslin, 50x50 inches, 2023




Sanchayita Chatterjee

I am a self taught artist who has never taken an art class, and who, until recently, was afraid of paint. Being a naval brat and having lived all over India, my artistic sensibility is deeply rooted in the Indian ethos, where religion might be about rituals, but is equally about art and culture. I belong to the second India where an atheist is obsessed with painting Indian gods. 

My first painting in this exhibition is the quintessential Bengali bride/Durga with her quiet, unassuming strength. The second painting belongs to a series called Gods in Gardens. Sketching the Buddha has always bestowed upon me a moment of peace in the crazy juggernaut we call our world.

1. The Quiet Durga

2. Buddha In The Garden

Shailesh Joshi

I believe that art is not a one-sided affair, but a symbiotic relationship between the artist and the viewer. My intention is to provoke thoughts, ignite imaginations, and invite viewers to be active participants in the artistic experience. A successful painting, in my eyes, is one that leaves an indelible mark on the viewer's mind and memory, shocking and stirring their thoughts, imaginations, and emotions.


1. Gandhiji.  Watercolor 

2. Flute.         Oil Color


Sidharth Thakur

Sidharth (Sid) Thakur, Ph.D., is a computer scientist by profession and a paper-cutting artist by passion, residing in Cary, North Carolina. He explores the art of cutting and carving paper by hand, mainly using scissors and craft knives. Sid’s fascination with the art of paper cutting began when he was in high school and chanced upon a magazine article about an Indian artist who created beautiful handmade paper-cut artworks. 

A journey into alternative viewpoints, Sid’s artworks have a strong undercurrent of symmetry, reflection, and its reinforcement through repetition. Sid is self-taught and has developed his style and techniques through observation and experimentation, guided by a steady hand and a lot of patience! 

Working primarily with black silhouette paper, the prominent themes in Sid’s work include abstract geometric and organic patterns, nature and sci-fi themes, and motifs inspired by the mythology and culture of India, his country of origin.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of paper-cutting art to Sid is the interplay of the solid and void or negative spaces after cutting out intricate shapes. Once the piece is complete, it is almost as if the negative spaces create a distinct, alternative pattern compared to the solid, tangible paper that remains. What Sid finds satisfying is the tactile nature of cutting paper and the contrast to being surrounded by the deterministic, digital world of computers.

Sid leads the Community of Indian American Visual Artists (CIVA), a group he co-founded in the Triangle area in North Carolina. CIVA aims to bring together local artists and provide the audiences a view into their unique artistic perspectives and techniques. Learn more at www.civanc.org 

Email: sid.thakur.papercuts@gmail.com  

Website: www.sidspapercuts.com 

Instagram / Facebook: @SidsPapercuts

Artwork Titles

Sujata Tibrewala

I am a curvy woman and have been practicing yoga for years and over period of years I have been able to master a few challenging poses. Whenever I do these poses in public, people get surprised that I am able to do these poses despite being a curvy woman with so much extra flab. Also Yoga originated in India, but the image of yoga is either a male yogi with lion cloth or a white female with thin slender body wearing tights and figure hugging clothes. I want to challenge the notion, through this series and travel all over India making the iconic Indian ladies in art take a break from being pretty princesses while they strike their favorite poses.

Art work titles 

1. The wild and the Domestic

2. Bani Thani Halasan

Sukanya Mani

I am a St. Louis-based, Indian- born interdisciplinary artist and I create site specific installations for public spaces. My work explores questioning the relationship between space, light, shadow and storytelling practices. I use cut paper and found objects in conjunction with light sources to create installations with abstract and representational imagery. Transforming the violent act of cutting into an act of creation is central to my artistic approach. My process involves creating clusters of undulating forms by warping, cutting, manipulating, and installing paper and found materials. My installations transform public space into places of interventions by creating grounding and contemplative experiences for the viewer. Each exhibit brings together a site specific, immersive, multi part installation that is organized by visual complexity and relationship of individual elements to each other. Large and small representative and abstract symbols establish a progression to encourage the exploration of patterns, forms and the overall theme that I consider in my work. Stories, conversations, reading, and listening enter into my artwork, which may or may not be recognized by the viewer. This is done with the motive of creating an immersive environment for the viewer to enter and explore.


1. Life Within Shadow 2023

Meticulously hand-cut paper and ritual practices have been transformed into intricate sculptures and floating narratives.

2. The five 2022

Cut from a single piece of paper, the five was inspired by a story I read from a transcript of a survivor of Domestic Violence.

Using these materials, I seek to illuminate the unique challenges faced by immigrant communities, and acknowledge that cultural heritage and identity can both serve as sources of strength and perpetuate harmful practices

Tanya Momi

Tanya has had the opportunity to meet people from many different walks of life through her salon. She has either helped them or they have helped her. Tanya brings people together through her art. Tanya Momi is an inspirational artist whose work is diverse enough to fall into several categories including realism, cubism, abstract and social realism, and spiritual art.

Tanya was born in India and graduated with Bachelors in Fine Arts from Chandigarh in 1982. Soon after graduating she got married and moved to the United States. After 9 and half years of abuse in her marriage, she divorced him and never looked back. Busy raising her 2 kids and establishing her salon business in Silicon Valley since she didn't paint for 22 years. During that time she had opportunity to meet people from many different walks of life through her salon.She either helped them or they helped her through ups and downs of life. 

In 2007 Tanya was encouraged by her close friends to start painting again. After she started her second career, she was able to find herself through her artwork. Her painful journey became her own inspiration. Much of her work relate to empowerment of women in times of adversity. 

 She has spoken at the White house at Sikh Leadership briefing April 16th 2016 on Women Empowerment. Tanya’s Art is distinctive and controversial. Since she started her “second career”, she has exhibited her work at Triton Museum, NUMU Museum, and Crocker Museum. She’s also shown it in galleries around the globe in India, Beverly Hills, Canada, London, Hong Kong, Munich, Vienna, Washington D C.

Title: Ganesh 

Medium: Acrylic 

Size: 30X 40 

Title: What is gaslighting 

Medium: Acrylic 

Size: 16x10

Usha Shukla

I create abstract paintings that distill the light, the intense colors, and the constant movement in nature. The final visual is pure, ethereal, and cosmic with no physical references.

When I was a young girl, I enjoyed walks along the Indian countryside, taking in the beauties nature had to offer. Twenty years ago I moved to California, a place so much different from my native land.

I felt out of place and disoriented. That is when I took sanctuary in nature. Today, when outdoors, I once more feel the same breath of fresh air that I felt in my childhood and my past and present become one. My paintings are the representation of a harmonious balance of my subconscious landscape and the physical world.

With a thought-out color palette and my unique process, I start on a journey of creation. When painting, I immerse myself into the process, get into a meditative trance, and let the painting guide me. It is always a balance of letting go and being in control. My head, heart, and hand become one and something pure and personal happens. Vapor-like shapes appear and disappear on the panel, leaving only traces of the initial layer, like the mere reverberation of a memory.

Usha Shukla



Alameda County Arts Commission

Artist: Usha Shukla


Oil on Wood Panel



Happy Go Lucky

Oil on Wood Panel



Vasundhara Tolia

I am predominantly a self-taught artist who started to paint after retiring from a medical career. I passionately paint for the pleasure of creating and sharing the moment’s experience and emotion as contemporary art. I am inspired  to capture the dance and music of nature around me with light and shadow. I want to impart a sense of being and transfer these experiences through my artworks. I love to use vibrant colors and create using acrylics and mixed media. Simple observations allow me to seek beauty in everything. I love to bring these portrayals to evoke joyous emotions and pleasure in the viewers. My art is constantly evolving to morph from representational to subtle or absolute abstraction on various themes I explore. I also love to portray figures, specially women as role models. I love to support organizations empowering women and supporting children with autism spectrum through my art.

I have won several awards, been interviewed in many blogs and my artworks are in Public places.One of my Covid painting was solicited by CDC for the cover of the Journal of Infectious Diseases. My website is www.vasutolia.art

An Enchanting Evening. 36x48x0.7”. Mixed media. $ 2,500.00

An abstract landscape of a woman relaxing on a bench in the garden in the evening.

Seekers.   30x48x2”.    Mixed media.   $ 2,000.00

An abstract artwork showing five members of a family on a mission to find social justice for everyone.